Fashion is more a matter of inches than of trends. And style is the result of measure, balance, details, fabrics, craftsmanship. From this assumption, the Alberto Biani brand was born in 1990: in the perfect storm of collections chasing each other and designers aiming for spectacularization, Alberto Biani stands as a safe haven where naturalness is the most authoritative form of elegance and rigor is the key to every proposal.

The starting point is the sartorial nature of the male wardrobe put entirely at the service of the female body. Each line, each cut, each finish is a meticulously studied equation, a balance so disruptive that it immediately stands out from all other market proposals. All creations have a single intent: to become the autobiography of the wearer, to confer a timeless eccentricity capable of placing every woman above fashion itself.

From the very first collections, Alberto Biani has been synonymous with breaking away: a gentle and never noisy break, synonymous with an elegance that finds in the cult of the line, in the search for the most sophisticated materials and workmanship, and in the utmost Made in Italy craftsmanship its stylistic figures. The brand's cornerstones are outerwear and trousers: around these, a complete proposal of prêt-à-porter and accessories has developed over time.

Alberto Biani - Logo

Alberto Biani was born in Noventa Vicentina in 1950. He studied dramatic arts and philosophy at university and approached fashion in the early Seventies. He was among the first to believe in vintage, which at the time was simply called "second-hand." During his research trips to London or the military markets in Rome and Paris, he sensed the power of the rigor of certain uniforms and transformed it until it became abstract, pure line.

From here came the idea of New York Industrie, in 1976: a fundamental brand for Made in Italy, a bastion of style for more than two decades. In 1984, another very important commitment came: the opening of Staff International, a fashion industrial hub that produces men's and women's collections for the most important and disruptive brands of the moment.

In 1990, he finally decided to go solo and open his own line, Alberto Biani. The press and buyers were immediately captivated by the breaking style of this brand that dared to stand out from the chorus of trends to play a subversive and timeless symphony.

He has collaborated with many important brands: Valentino, Marzotto, Incotex, Fay, Jacob Cohen, Boglioli. What distinguishes his stylistic belief is the firm intention never to give in to trendiness, never to do without the utmost craftsmanship available to Made in Italy, and to propose an elegance that is the fruit of sartorial wisdom, cult of the line, and desire to endure over time.

"Because those who want to be truly elegant should never conform," emphasizes the designer, who wants to offer the tool for the individual to assert their own style and not the other way around.